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Name: Hand Writing Pen
Category: (Handwriting Pen)

Product Code 17363 - 25 in a box.

The Rahmqvist hand writing pen is both a left and right handed pen.

Most people lean their hand one way or the other when they are writing.

When someone is writing with their right hand the hand in most cases is leaning forward and therefore does not come into contact with the ink and leave smudge marks.

However if a left handed persons hand is leaning it is generally leaning back and therefore will drag across the ink and in most cases leave ink smudges on the page.

With the Rahmqvist handwriting pen the ink never smudges even if you touch it instantly after writing which means there are no smudge marks left on the page.

The pen is also triangular in shape to give the tripod grip to the student to help and promote better handwriting.



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