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Name: Rahmqvist Info Pockets
Category: (Display Products)

Product codes 38934 I.D Card (30)  38921 A/5 (12) 38927 A/4 (10) 38943 A/3 (10)

Number in brackets = amount per pack.

These are polypropylene display pockets with a non permanent adhesive peel off backing for displaying signs, posters,etc.

They can be removed from one surface and replaced and reused on another surface.

Mostly these pockets are used where the pocket is left in the same position and the sign inside is removed or replaced with another one as required.

They are ideal for using on doors, glass , walls and on folder covers.

If the pockets are used on painted walls they may remove paint when they are removed .

The pockets can be used outside by simply turning upside down to stop water getting inside, the static in the pocket and the paper inserted inside will hold the paper or card in place inside the pocket.



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